Frank McGuire
Musician percussionist
Frankie Mcguire is a percussionist from Lanarkshire – near Glasgow.
Frankie has been playing since he was a child , his father and grandfather both played traditional music.
It was apparent from an early age that he had a talent for percussion,he started playing in pipe bands and then moved into the traditional music scene like his father and grandfather before him.
Frankie started to study various style of percussion, but became known for his Bodhran Playing and winning various competitions along the way.

Frank McGuire
Percussion, Whistle & Vocals
Frank McGuire with Jordi Savall
Frankie McGuires mastery of percussion has allowed him to transgress genres and styles. He creates rhythm with an inherent feel and sympathy for the music. Playing since he was old enough to hold onto an instrument, his father and grandfather who both played traditional music inspired Frankie and helped to create his passion for playing. He played in pipe bands and later fell into traditional music himself.
He is a fine vocalist and penny whistle player and adds his own style of unique percussion to music. He has gained a reputation as a world class performer and is held in high regard by fellow musicians. His performance of the late Dave Carter's song 'When I go' earned him standing ovations in the States from audiences that included Dave's own friend, the world's foremost Autoharpist, Bryan Bowers, with whom he subsequently went on to play concerts.
Famous for his outstanding melodic bodhrán playing...
In 2010 his percussion skills attracted the attention of the legendary Catalonian composer and classical musician Jordi Savall. Recording the album CELTIC VIOL VOL 2 which later win several awards including one of the highest honours for music, The Premio De la Musica. Frankie continues to perform periodically with Jordi Savall (UNESCO Artist for Peace) playing to tens of thousands of people in Europe, Asia & the States.

You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

"... Amongst the many examples of close collaboration one could hardly miss the playing of Savall and McGuire in duo, a combination whose sound made 'Duelling Banjos' seem restrained but also less adventurous in comparison. In all, both an opportunity to hear musicians still producing sounds of remarkable quality and clarity and to hear a repertoire that fully deserves its place on the concert platform."
Edinburgh Guide, Usher Concert Hall 2015

"...the bodhrán genius Frank McGuire..."
– The Times 2015

"Frank McGuire finding a bewildering range of sounds and rhythms in his bodhrán."
– The Scotsman 2015

Knowledge that is systematized and packaged in a series of lessons with the same theme.

"Loved this class! Absolutely loved to make my own bodhrán and looking forward to treasuring it for many years. "
– Sam (USA)

"Frankie is the best, even though this was a beginner class and I am not a beginner, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to work with him. He's encouraging and personable"
– Vlad (Moscow)

"Frank delivers the goods, as well as the bodhrán history, a very well thought out class."
– Charlie (Scotland)

Latest Frankie's record - 9 songs full of beauty, energy and Celtic tradition.
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